Our Summer Featured Artists   

Domus 516



Domus 516 is the creation of Frank Pertusiello, a Low Country resident and retiree.  Working with his hands for over 50 years, Frank employs his meticulous approach to detail and precision in crafting unique wood boards from exquisite woods.  The boards are made from start to finish in Bluffton, SC.  

As Frank says, "it's not just a board"  - These are functional pieces of artwork developed from local wood sources.   Each board is one of a kind, both in wood pairing and design.  While the boards have common uses - Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Serving Boards and more -they are most uncommon in beauty and quality. 

Susan O'Neill

I've been designing in one form or another for most of my life- from the first Barbie and pink-haired troll doll outfits to my own clothes, accessories and jewelry followed by hand-thrown pottery, drawing, painting and original silk=screened posters for school plays.  I discovered Polymer Clay in the early 90's and experimented with the medium.  My in depth exploration didn't come until 2007.  I was amazed by the evolution of the material since my initial encounters.  There were more options in all ways.  through much trial and error, and drawing on decades of my own design experience, I started designing jewelry for myself and others began to take notice.  

The limitless possibilities of polymer on it's own are staggering, but when combined with traditional beads and findings, wire wrapping, natural materials, textiles.... well, those implications haunt me (in a good way) on a daily basis!  

One of my specialties involves soaking fabric, usually gauze, in liquid polymer and curing it to a rigid, yet flexible state.  I use this technique for jewelry and small home décor items.

Carolyn Ward